HR Benefits

What’s in it for you?
More efficient, satisfied, enthusiastic employees
  • Those who Rideshare are far less likely to arrive to work late than workers driving alone.
  • Companies that offer commute options and incentives are perceived by their employees as more supportive.
  • Businesses that pay for parking spaces save money for every space not used.
  • Employees arrive at work feeling more relaxed and ready to start work.
  • Rideshare matching is a free service, which employers can pass on to their employees as part of an overall benefit package.
  • Tax credits are available for qualifying businesses.
What’s in it for your employee?
The benefits are obvious…
  • Carpoolers/vanpoolers save an average of $2,000 per year on gas, maintenance, and insurance by sharing a ride.
  • Add to that the saved expense of a parking space.
  • Commuters who can’t afford a solo commute can pool resources.
  • A rideshare participant doesn’t miss time when his or her car needs repair.
…and not so obvious.
  • Sharing the driving means added productive time – allowing commuters to read, work or nap on the way.
  • Rideshare commuters benefit from sharing information with pool members – networking during “downtime.”
What’s in it for us?
Your participation benefits the entire Baltimore Region:
  • Reduced congestion on our roadways.
  • Reduced costs of road maintenance.
  • Reduced emissions.
  • Reduced pollution.
  • Increased productivity of regional businesses.

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