Commuting Cost Calculator

  • Your round trip mileage from home to work :
  • Number of days per week you work :
  • Total Mile You Commute Every Week :
  • Number of weeks you work per year :
  • Total Miles You Commute Per Year :
  • Average 2021 cost per mile for automobile operation as estimated by the American Automobile Association includes fuel, insurance, depreciation, maintenance. :
    X $.596
  • Total Yearly Cost of Your Commute:

You can reduce that cost by half, or even three quarters just by carpooling.

The only problem you’ll have is figuring out what to do with your savings…
  • Visit Mickey Mouse with your family: $3,200
  • Take your sweetie to Cancun for two weeks: $1,500
  • Replace your TV with a 52″ stereo TV: $2,200
  • Get wired with a top-of-the-line computer system: $2,500
  • Buy a Jacuzzi: $2,000
  • Invest $3,500 at 6.75% for 20 years, and you’ll end up with: $12,000